The Power of Silence in a Kid's Class

Kids' classes at church should have lots of noise...
talking...singing...laughing...giggling...and all the other sounds that make up an active class. 

But...don't forget about the power of silence.  Silence can be very loud!  There should be times when you hear nothing in the class.  Here are 3 ways to use silence to make a powerful impact.

Use the power of silence when you are teaching.  Kids don't expect silence when you're teaching.  Stop and say nothing for a few seconds at times during your lesson.  A well-placed pause will strengthen every thing else you are saying. 

Use the power of silence when kids are praying.  Show kids that prayer is not only talking to God, but listening to God as well.  Build in a minute or so of complete silence during the kids' prayer time.  It's in the silence that God will speak to kids. 

Use the power of silence when reading Scripture.  Have times for the kids to read Scripture to themselves in silence and think about what it is saying.  When you do this, God will speak to the kids through His Word.

Your turn.  The floor is yours.  What are some other ways you use silence to help kids connect with God?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.