Children's Ministry Accelerator Giveaway ($600 value)

Today's post is from my friend, Jason Tilley.  Jason is part of the team that has created Children's Ministry Accelerator, a great tool to help your children's ministry accelerate to the next level.  Enjoy!

Jason Tilley
A Tale Familiar to Children's Ministry Leaders
My wife recently became the children's ministry director of a satellite campus of our church.  She helped launch the campus from the beginning.  A new group of people in a new location, a middle school she moves in and out of each week.  She had brand new volunteers from all walks of life.  The first service had a high attendance.  While she had far more children than she expected, they were engaged and the volunteers did an excellent job.

She Wanted to Do More
As we discussed the events of the day, one of the things my wife lamented was that she was unable to spend enough time connecting with and preparing volunteers for their service.  I empathized because children's ministry is always a three-legged stool of children, their parents and volunteers.  However, after observing my wife getting ready for this launch, between recruiting, background checking, prepping curriculum, and gathering all of the preschool supplies, it was hard to see when she would have had the opportunity.

She's not alone.  Children's Ministry Leaders everywhere have the same problem; they want to invest more in their volunteers, but they cannot find the time.  With Children's Ministry Accelerator, we want to help solve this problem.

A Membership Site for Children's Ministry Leaders
Children's Ministry Accelerator helps ministry leaders do more in ministry without adding more time to their week.  We do this by providing children's ministry leaders with a community, classes and resources for better ministry.

We have an active ministry community in Slack where we share ideas, encourage one another and discuss the latest tools and trends from both inside and outside the church "bubble."

Our monthly Master Classes and Drop-In Meetings center around a current theme giving ministry leaders fresh insights into how to reach the next generation.

Our resources provide weekly devotionals and training for volunteers, weekly equipping for parents, gospel-centered job descriptions, training plans, recruiting campaign ideas, follow-up scripts and more.  Each month we release a new set of resources for your ministry.

Access to the Community level is free.  The Coaching level costs $9.00 per month and provides access to the Master Classes and Drop-In Meeting.  The Assistant level is $49.00 per month and gives you access to all the available resources.

You don't have to do ministry alone, let us help you fulfill the vision God placed on your heart.


I have reviewed Children's Ministry Accelerator and I highly recommend it for you and your team.  Jason has graciously agreed to give away an entire year of the Assistant Level to one of our readers.  This is a $600 value.  You can enter by emailing me at  We'll randomly select one person and announce the winner right here, next Tuesday, Sept. 6.

But you don't have to wait - you can check out Children's Ministry Accelerator now at their site.