4 YouTube Videos Kids Love (and why they love them)

YouTube recently released its first original shows and movies for subscribers of YouTube Red.  YouTube Red provides big-budget content from top YouTube stars.

So far the content they are offering is appealing to kids primarily.  Let's take a look at four of the shows and see why kids connect with the content so well.  This is not an endorsement of these shows but simply a commentary of why they appeal to kids.

Dance Camp
Dance Camp is the story of a boy who is "too cool for school" finding his passion.  And of course, his passion is dance.  The movie is filled with jokes and slapstick comedy.  An example is the beginning of the show where a random character falls over a chair.

Takeaways for kids' ministry:

  • Kids love jokes and slapstick humor.  Incorporate this into your services and kids will love it! 
  • Kids want a purpose and dreams to aspire to.  Show kids that God has a special purpose and plan for their life. 
  • Play Christian music videos that feature great music and dance before class starts.
A Trip to Unicorn Island
This is a docu-movie with Lilly Singh.  Singh is a mulit-talented vlogger trying to spread joy in the world.  The movie chronicles her world tour.  It's like a behind-the-scenes band video that incorporates real emotion as Lilly helps people.  One fan says, "When my grandma died I watched her videos."

Takeaways for kids' ministry:
  • Kids are drawn to those who offer hope and help to others.  We have the ultimate person of hope and help in Jesus.  Point them to Him and the difference He makes in the lives of people. 
  • Kids love behind-the-scenes looks.  Give them a behind-the-scenes look at mission trips and other ministries that help people. 
  • Show kids how they can also bring hope and help to others.
Lazer Team
"Lazer Team" is a movie about a group of men saving the world from evil aliens.  It's about losers who become heroes. 

Takeaways for kids' ministry:
  • Many kids struggle with self-esteem and long to rise above it and become a hero. Show them their potential in Christ and how He can use them to do great things. 
  • The battle between good and evil appeals to kids.  Bring them into the ultimate story of good versus evil and show them they are on the winning side with Jesus.
  • Kids want to be part of a team...in other words, they want to belong.  Provide opportunities for kids to be part of a small group and find belonging.
Scare PewDiePie
PewDiePie is YouTube's top earner.  This show stars him making his way through real-life versions of scary video games.  It's a mix of video game shenanigans.  It's like watching someone walk through a haunted house.

Takeaways for kids' ministry: 
  • Kids love all things video games.  How can you bring video games into your lessons?  It can be something as simple as occasionally referring to them in your teaching.  
  • Kids love to experience dangerous adventures.  The Bible is full of the stories of people who went on dangerous adventures.  Take kids on the adventure.