A Great Way to Tell Your Volunteers Thank You

Many years ago, I wanted to say thank you to our children's ministry volunteers in a special way.

I had a dinner for them and at the end of the dinner, suddenly the door opened and in came many of the kids that they ministered to.  I had arranged for the kids to come and surprise them.  The kids shared about the impact the volunteers were making in their lives.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

I wish I had videotaped it so I could show it to you now.  But recently, I came across a similar video which reminded me of that night with the volunteers.

As you watch the video below, think about how you could do something like this for your volunteers.  All of our volunteers wonder at times if it's really worth it.  They wonder if they are really making a difference.  They wonder if they should throw in the towel and step away from serving.  They wonder if the kids and parents really appreciate what they do.

Show them it's worth it.  Let them see and hear the difference they are making.  Inspire them to keep serving faithfully.  Encourage them with a reminder that they are loved and appreciated.