Preschoolers & Technology (the latest findings)

For the youngest members of Gen Z, technology is as natural as breathing.  They've never known anything else.  The latest findings show just how true this is.  

1 in 3 preschoolers who are ages 5 and under have their own tablet.

1 in 2 preschoolers ages 3- to-4 years old have their own tablet.

7 in 10 preschoolers have access to either a tablet or computer at home.

The vast majority of 3-to-4 year olds can open their preferred apps, use the volume, on/off and camera controls on their tablet and navigate multiple apps.

Afternoons and evenings are when preschoolers are most likely to use their tablets. 

The average preschooler spends more than 2.5 hours per day watching programs, films and videos.

YouTube is their preferred platform to view on-demand video.  2 in 5 preschoolers watch YouTube.

1 in 6 preschoolers use the YouTube Kids app.

Netflix is the leading subscription-based service for preschoolers.

Ministries that want to reach today's kids must take the Gospel to where they are.  This includes creating apps for tablets and creating videos for YouTube Kids.

Will you be the one?