Awesome New Kids' Bible...Free Giveaway

Hey friends, I'd like to tell you about an awesome new kids' Bible called "The Story Traveler's Bible."  

The Story Traveler's Bible helps kids go on the adventure of a lifetime and gives them front-row seats to some of the most captivating stories in the Bible. 

As I read through this Bible, several noteworthy things grabbed my attention. 

This Bible gives kids a great chronological overview of the entire Bible.  From Genesis to Revelation, the story of God's love and plan for our lives is beautifully woven through the 85 stories.  

This Bible takes kids on a deeper dive into Scripture.  Throughout this Bible, you see what I would call a "commentary for kids."  There are fun facts, thought provoking questions, life application, Bible memorization helps and discipleship cues.

This Bible is visually captivating.  Today's generation hears with their eyes.  And this Bible speaks loudly to them with great graphics, cartooning and illustrations. 

This Bible is a great tool for parents to use for discipling their kids.  We know that discipleship begins in the home and parents are looking for resources to help grow their kids' faith.  Whether it's reading it with them at bedtime or discussing the questions found inside, parents will love this Bible.

The author and publisher have graciously agreed to give away a free copy of this Bible to one of our readers.  You can enter the giveaway by emailing me at  We will select one person and announce the winner here on this site next Monday.  You can also purchase the Bible now at this link. 

Be sure to check out this great new resource.