20 Things I Love About Children's Ministry

I believe children's ministry is the best ministry to serve in.  There's nothing like it!  People that aren't serving in children's ministry don't know what they are missing out on.  Here's 20 things I love about it.

Seeing babies dressed up in cute outfits for child dedication. 

Watching kids raise their hands in worship to God.

Knowing the investment I'm making will outlive me.

Hearing giggles and laughter in the hallways.

Writing God's truth in the wet cement of a child's heart.

Watching an entire family get baptized together and knowing it started with God working in the child's heart.

Seeing a new family walk through the doors and knowing you have the opportunity to see God change the trajectory of their lives.

Listening to a preschooler explain a Bible picture they drew.

Seeing a child come out of the waters of baptism and knowing they have their whole life to serve Jesus and impact the world.

Watching a volunteer grow in their gifts and talents.

Stepping back and watching empowered volunteers "run the show."

Sharing God's Word with kids and seeing them "get it."

Watching small group leaders pour into the lives of the kids in their group.

Listening to the faith-filled prayer of a child as they talk to God.

Talking with a new family as you walk them to their classroom.

Speaking words of encouragement to a child and seeing their face light up.

Watching volunteers pray with kids.

We get to use puppets.

Watching a family worship together during Christmas services.

Taking a picture for a family at Easter as they stand in front of an Easter backdrop.

Your turn.  What do you love about children's ministry?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.