Great New Outreach Idea for the Kids in Your Ministry

Last week, I was picnicking with family at a local park.  Something caught my eye.  All across the park, at key places that would catch people's attention, were rocks that had been decorated with messages.  It was obvious it had been done by children from a ministry.

Wow!  What a great idea for a children's ministry to give kids an opportunity to share the Gospel and help fulfill the Great Commission.

Think about it.  All you need is a bag of rocks purchased from a local Lowes or Home Depot, craft paint, brushes, markers, etc.  You can then give kids a list of ideas, phrases, verses, messages, etc. they can put on the rocks.  The project could be done before service while kids are waiting or as an activity during the class.  You can then set up a group outing to take the kids to local parks where they can place the rocks or they could do it as an activity with their family.

Below are some pictures I took of the rocks at the park.  Have you seen this done before or have you tried it?  Any ideas you would add to it?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.