Making Children's Ministry a Priority in Your Church (LIVE WEBINAR)

I believe children's ministry should be one of the most important ministries in the local church.  It should be a top priority.

Sadly, in many churches, it is not.  Children's ministry is looked at as childcare.  When it comes to budget, the ministry gets inadequate funding.  Facilities for children are an afterthought.  There is little to no paid staff.  Only a few people are willing to volunteer in the ministry.

The result?  The entire church suffers.  Potential growth is hindered.  Children's ministry staff and volunteers get discouraged.  The church misses out on reaching the greatest harvest field....children and their families.

We want to help churches make children's ministry a priority.  And so we are bringing this webinar opportunity for you. 

We'll start by laying out the Biblical reasons WHY children's ministry must be a priority in the local church.  You'll be given the compelling evidence you can use to help your church see why it's vital to focus on children''s ministry.

Then we'll lay out practical steps you can take to make children's ministry a priority in your church.  You'll get the HOW to make it happen in your church.

Below is more information about the webinar.  Space is limited.  You can register now at this link.  We hope you'll join us for this event.  It could be a game changer for your ministry and church.