You Are a Gift

If you serve in children's ministry, I have a word of encouragement for you today.

It comes from Ephesians 4.  Here's what it says.

"Now these are the GIFTS Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers."

This verse is describing leaders in the church.  Volunteer leaders like you.  And look what God calls you.

He says you are a "GIFT."

That's right.  You are a precious gift to the children and families of your church and community.  I know at times you may not feel like a gift.  You may feel taken for granted...used...unappreciated...forgotten.

Can I tell you today?  You are a gift.  A very special gift.  God has anointed and appointed you to influence people at the most crucial time in their life.  You see ,when you influence adults, you do not have the opportunity to influence them for the majority of their life, because they have already lived it.  But when you influence children, you influence them for their entire life.  Your influence and legacy continues for decades.

Children are very, very important to God.  So special that I believe He chooses the very best people, the most precious gifts, to serve in children's ministry.  You are one of the chosen ones.

The next time you get discouraged, may the Holy Spirit whisper the words "You are a gift" into the depths of your soul.  The next time you haven't heard the words "thank you for serving in children's ministry" for months on end, may the Holy Spirit comfort you by reminding you that you are a gift to the children and families of your church, even if they don't always grasp it.  The next time you doubt your abilities, may the Holy Spirit gently remind you that you are God's special gift, called and equipped to impact kids and families.

I honor you today.  I thank God for you today.  I praise God for creating such a special gift as you for children and families.

Have a blessed day my friend.