Effective Preschool Ministry in the Church

Have you seen this quote?

"In the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins." - George Barna

Wow!  Let that sink in.  We are in a race to capture the hearts of the next generation.  And we can't wait until children are in high school or middle school or even elementary school.  No...it must start in the earliest years of a child's life. 

Research shows that the early years of a person's life are the most critical...especially the first 3 years.  Look what Anthony Lake says.

What children experience in the earliest days and years of life shapes and defines their futures." 
Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

There is no other time frame that has so much potential to lay a spiritual foundation in a person's life.  Babies' brains can form over 1,000 neural connections every second.  And these connections are the building blocks of their future.  Children who are read to from the Bible, talked to about God, sung worship songs to and given personal attention at church will have a better opportunity to grow up to follow Jesus.

If we truly believe that preschoolers have the most potential of any age group in our church, then we must make preschool ministry a top priority.  We must be prepared to effectively connect with preschoolers and their parents.

That's why I am excited about the upcoming live webinar "Effective Children's Ministry in the Church."  We want to help you build a vibrant, effective preschool ministry.

I am excited to have Jean Thomason joining us as a speaker.  Jean has been effectively reaching and ministering to preschoolers and their families for over 20 years as "Miss PattyCake."  She recently released a new book called "Sharing God's Big Love with Little Lives."

Jean will be sharing a session entitled "Nursery with a Purpose."  Jean will equip you with fresh ideas and encouragement to help you guide children into all God has created them to be.  You'll discover how to nurture children's faith during the nursery and toddler years.

Darcy Wood will also be joining us.  Darcy is a dynamic leader who leads the children's ministry at Eagle Brook Church in the Minneapolis area.   Eagle Brook Church is one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the nation.  A big reason for their growth is their dynamic preschool and children's ministry.  Darcy and her team have built a thriving ministry.  I have personally visited their ministry and seen it in action...it is incredible what God is doing there.  Darcy will be sharing the keys to building a vibrant preschool ministry.  Darcy and her team create great resources to reach the preschoolers and families in their community.  Here is an example.
I will be sharing a session entitled "Connecting with Preschool Parents."  If you're going to influence preschoolers, then you have to influence their parents.  I'll share key ways you can connect with and engage the Millennials...who are the parents of the preschoolers in your community.  If you haven't read the book I co-authored a few years ago entitled "100 Best Ideas to Turbo Charge Your Preschool Ministry," be sure to check it out.  I have also led the preschool and children's ministry in some of the largest and fastest growing churches in the nation.  I say that to let you know that what we will be sharing is not just theory, but proven principles that work.

We already have people from all over the country who are registering for this event.  Space is limited, so reserve your spot today at this link.  Registration includes a free ecopy of my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams" ($7.00 value).

As an added bonus, registration will also include access to the webinar after it is over in both downloadable and streaming formats so you can share it with the leaders in your church.

Join us and let's get equipped to reach the next generation!  Let's get there first with the love and hope that can only be found in Jesus.