Seize This Special Moment When You Can Influence Parents Spiritually

If you want to influence children, then you have to influence children's greatest influencers...their parents.  No one has more influence in a child's life than his or her parents.

How do you influence parents?  Let's take a look at one of the best times to do this.  It's when parents have a new child and are wanting to participate in child dedication.  If you are intentional about seizing this moment, you can influence parents spiritually.

In one of the ministries I led, we had no clear process for influencing parents who wanted to dedicate their children.  In fact, the first personal contact we had with them was the morning they showed up to dedicate their child.  They would sign up online and then we met them right before the dedication service started.  I begin to notice that many of the parents had no clue about what the dedication meant, much less about raising their kids to love and follow Jesus.

I realized we were missing a key opportunity to influence these young parents and so I decided to begin a parent-child dedication class that parents had to go through before they participated in the dedication.  Notice, how I started by calling it a "parent" and child dedication class and event.  I wanted parents to understand from the get-go that it was just as much about them as it was their child.

In this class, I focused not only on what the dedication was about, but also about how to lead your child spiritually.  I gave parents practical ways they could raise their children to love and follow Jesus.  The impact was seen immediately in the lives of the parents, as they begin to live out what we taught them.  And the impact will continue for years as the parents influence their children for Jesus.

I want to encourage you to focus on influencing parents when their children are young.  It's in the early years of a child's life that the biggest impact can be made.  The first 3 years of a child's life are especially critical, as so many brain connections are being made.  Children learn more in the early years of their life than at any other time.

We are hosting a live webinar next week that will equip you to influence preschool parents.  I'd like to invite you to join us.  It is Tuesday, December 5th from 2 to 4 p.m. EST.

I will be sharing a session about "Connecting with Preschool Parents."  I'll share how to connect with and influence the young Millennial parents in your community.

Jean Thomason (Miss PattyCake) will share "Start Early."  She'll show you how to begin spiritual formation in the baby and toddler years.

Darcy Wood will talk with you about "Building a Vibrant Preschool Ministry.  You'll discover the keys to developing a thriving preschool ministry that reaches the preschoolers and young families in your community.

When you register, you will also receive a copy of my ebook "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams" ($7.00 value).  This popular book will help you develop a thriving volunteer team that ministers to preschoolers and influences their parents.

The webinar will be recorded, so even if you can't join us live, you can register and stream it/download it afterwards.  This is included in the registration.

Below is more info. about the webinar and you can register now at this link.  Join us and discover how to seize key opportunities to influence parents.