Children...Interruption or Intricate Part of the Church?

In a recent post, I shared the top 10 viral YouTube videos of 2017.  One of the videos was Professor Robert Kelly being interviewed live on BBC news about South Korea.  He was doing the interview from home.

Suddenly, in the middle of the interview, his children came into the room and interrupted the interview.  He was clearly upset and embarrassed that his wife (or whoever the person was watching the kids) had let the kids "escape" and interrupt the interview.

The kids were quickly taken back out of the room and out-of-site.  Later, he brought the kids back out and introduced them to the television audience.

While it was hilarious to watch this unfold,  it's a reminder of how some churches see children.  As an interruption.

It's not that they don't love kids or don't want them at church.  But it's a mindset that says children are not a priority...that children's ministry is not as important as adult ministry or even student ministry.

Yes...occasionally children will sing a song for the church or get an announcement in the bulletin, but on a week-by-week basis, it is obvious children's ministry is an interruption.

An interruption to the budget.  An interruption to the worship service.  An interruption to the programming.  An interruption to Bible study.

When children are seen as an interruption, you'll hear the words "childcare" used to refer to children's ministry.

When children are seen as an interruption, you'll see children's ministry with one of the smallest budgets in the church percentage wise.

When children are seen as an interruption, you'll see children's ministry space that is run-down.

When children are seen as an interruption, people in the church will view serving in children's ministry as "doing time."

When children are seen as an interruption, children's ministry dare not use certain parts of the church building.

This mindset is nothing new.  It started way back in Jesus' day.  Some parents were trying to bring their children to Jesus to be blessed.  The disciples had an interruption mindset.  Jesus was too busy to be interrupted by children, right?  Jesus had more important things to do than minister to children, right?  So they stopped the parents from bringing the children to Jesus.

But that's when Jesus stepped in and reminded them that children are not an interruption.  Rather, they are an intricate part of the church.  

To Jesus, the children were not a bother...they were a blessing.

To Jesus, the children were not a distraction...they were designated as important.

To Jesus, the children were not an annoyance...they were A-listers.

It's time the church realizes that children are the greatest mission field.  We must make reaching and dscipling them our number one priority.

It's time the church pours it's resources and budgets into children's ministry.  We must invest in the area where we will see the biggest impact.

It's time the church moves children's ministry out of the basement and into the spotlight.

It's time the church shifts some of its adult ministry resources into helping children's ministry equip parents to raise their children to love Jesus.  

It's time the church makes the children's ministry facility the best space on the church campus.

It's time the church follows Jesus' lead and sees children not as an interruption, but rather as an intricate part of the church.