Reimagine...Reinvent...Revamp Your Children's Ministry (Free Notes from My Teaching at CPC Conference)

Last week, I taught a session at the Children's Pastor's Conference in Orlando.

It was entitled "Reimagine...Reinvent...Revamp Your Children's Ministry."

Children can't wait any longer for us to change how we do ministry.  While the world around us has changed, many of our ministries have barely changed at all.  Many of our ministries are dangerously outmoded and ill-equipped to reach and disciple Gen Z and their families.

It's time to Reimagine, Reinvent and Revamp our ministries!  In this teaching, I share 10 big challenges today's kids and families are facing.  I also share practical steps we can take to make our ministries relevant, effective and life-giving in the midst of these challenges.

You can download the teaching notes for free at this link