3 Keys to Attracting Millennial Volunteers

By 2025, the Millennials will be 75% of working age people.

Ministries that are going to thrive in the next 10 years must attract Millennial volunteers.  

Which leads us to the question, "How do I attract Millennial volunteers to my team?

There are 3 big keys to seeing Millennials join your volunteer team.

The first key is PURPOSE.  Millennials are attracted to organizations that clearly state why they exist and demonstrate the impact they are making in the world.  This means you should start with the "why" when inviting Millennials to join your team. 

I often say, "Millennials are not going to line up to change a diaper.  But they will line up to change the world."

Here's a practical example.  Let's say you need someone to volunteer in a preschool room at your church.  (Chances are you probably do.)

With Millennials, rather than first inviting them to "serve in a preschool room where they will check kids in, help with crafts, give out goldfish crackers and help teach a lesson" instead say "Did you know that the first years of a person's life are the most important?  Children learn more in their early years than any other time in life.  How would you like to be a part of laying a spiritual foundation for children's lives that will impact them for their entire life?" 

See te difference?  If you want to attract Millennials, purpose must come before the process that makes the purpose happen.

The second key is to PROMOTE stories of other Millennials who are already serving on your team and the impact they are making.

This can done through videos, personal testimonies in the weekend bulletin, having people personally share their story, etc.

These stories will not only create an emotional connection for Millennials, but will also offer them proof that they can make an impact in the world by joining your volunteer team.

The third and final key is showing Millennials the developmental PLANS you have for them. 

The Millennials are eager to grow, develop their gifts and lead.  Have clear growth and development pathways you can point them to as you invite them to join your team. 

Remember - it's not about using Millennals to build your ministry.  It's about using using your ministry to build Millennais.

Follow these 3 simple, but powerful keys and you will attract Millennial volunteers.

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