Equipping Kids to Share the Gospel

The Gospel is the only hope for mankind.  It is the most important thing we can share with kids and families.

Above all else, we must make teaching the Gospel to children our top priority.

And we are also called to equip believers to go and share the Gospel with the world.

Jesus said in Mark 16:15...

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

This commandment is not just for adult followers of Jesus.  It is for all followers of Jesus.  And that includes kids.  Kids can be used of God to share the Gospel just like adults can.  Kids have the same Holy Spirit to empower them to share the Gospel as adults do.

In fact, I have found that in many cases, children can be more effective at sharing the Gospel than adults can.  Kids can be bold.  Kids can be full of faith.  Kids can easily connect with the age group that is the greatest mission field and the most receptive to the Gospel - other kids!

This is what prompted me to create a teaching series that would specifically equip kids to share the Gospel with their friends, schoolmates, team mates, neighbors and family.  

When using this series, we saw hundreds of kids begin to effectively share the Gospel.  Story after story emerged of kids using the tools provided in this curriculum to reach others with the Good News.  In fact, one girl used one of the tools to share the Gospel with her entire class at the public school she attended.  She also used the tool to share the Gospel with her teacher.

The teaching series is called The Blab LabThe Blab Lab gets kids excited about blabbing about (sharing) their faith with others.

Each week, elementary-age kids create an invention they can use to tell other people about Jesus.  The Blab Lab is directed by Professor Blabalot and his sidekick, Crum.

There's plenty of mishaps and fun along the way, as the Professor and Crum, test out their "blab about your faith" inventions with the kids.  Lessons include...
  • Week 1 - The Bridgenator 2000 (kids use this to share how Jesus is the bridge back to God.)
  • Week 2 -  The Smelly Jeans Jelly Beans (kids use jelly beans to share the Gospel.)
  • Week 3 - The Spin to Win (kids create a cool device to clearly explain the Gospel)
  • Week 4 - Jesus Chainz (kids create a bracelet that they can use to share the Gospel)
 Series includes...
  • graphics for posters, social media and promoting
  • graphics ready to drop into PowerPoint, Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Keynote, etc.
  • 4 cool, ready-to-go, share your faith inventions kids can make
  • 4 weeks of lesson videos
  • 5-minute countdown
  • 4 weeks of lessons that can be used in large group format, small group format, traditional classroom format or mid-week format
  • lessons are editable and flexible to fit your specific ministry context
  • small group leader guide that's easy to use and requires little prep
  • hands-on, experiential, interactive learning
  • connects with all learning styles
  • games that bring fun and learning together
  • take home pages for parents
You can click here to see a sample from one of the lessons.

You can click here to see a sample of one of the inventions the kids create to share the Gospel.

Below is a video sample from one of the lessons.
(click the arrows to watch full screen)
You can get more information about the series at this link.  It's available now as an instant download.

Who better to reach Gen Z kids than Gen Z kids?  Teach them the Gospel.  Equip them to share the Gospel.  Watch them reach their generation and change the world!