"Dragging" Kids Away from God's Plan

There is an agenda that has risen over the horizon and is now going all out to "drag" kids away from God's design for individuals and families.

Two new animated television shows about drag queens are targeting children.

One is called "Drag Tots" and is a show about toddler drag queens.  The show features transgender model RuPaul.

The other show is called "Super Drags" and is set to debut on Netflix.  The promo says "By night, they tighten up their corsets and transform into the baddest Super Drags in town, ready to combat shade and rescue the world's glitter from the evil villains."

This is saddening as pop culture continues to push an agenda to children that doesn't line up with God's Word.

What should we do when we encounter a message like this?  A message that clearly is in contradiction with God's Word?   An agenda that is trying to "drag" kids away from God's plan for relationships?

First of all, we must equip parents to have conversations with their children.  There are some subjects that you shouldn't talk with elementary-age kids about at church.  That's because it's their parent's job.  This is one of those topics.

Let the parents in your ministry know about these and other tv shows that promote LGBTQ agendas.  In many cases, parents allow their children free reign with the remote control, even when they are not in the room with them.  Parents need to know these are just a click away for their children.

There are a couple of approaches parents can take.  One is to hide it from children all together by homeschooling them and carefully monitoring what they see and hear.  The second option is to briefly expose them to it and then teach them why it doesn't line up with God's plans for relationships and family.

Your role is to resource parents and equip them to have these conversations with their children.

Model what healthy, Biblical relationships look like.  The best way to recognize a false plan is to know the true plan.  This goes back to the parents again.  As parents model what a Biblical marriage is and looks like, it will help children recognize and avoid false models.  The biggest impact comes from parents who love each other and show by a living example, what God wants for the family.

Love those trapped in a false lifestyle.  If parents teach their children to hate those who blatantly defy God's plan for the family, they will grow up to hate both the sin and the sinner.  And that's not what Jesus wants.  He was called the "friend of sinners" for a reason.  We must teach children to care about people trapped in a lifestyle that's the opposite of God's plan, while simultaneously caring enough to speak the truth in love.

At the end of the day, we must remember that we are in a race to capture the hearts of the next generation and help them grow up to have healthy, Biblical relationships.  This means we must get there first with the truth.