LIttle Kids...Big Impact

Did you know that little kids can make a big impact for God?  If you want to reach parents and families, then a key is having a great children's ministry.  One of the top reasons people attend a church is because of their children.  

Think with me about the many times in the Bible when people came to Jesus for one reason - so they could get help for their child.

The same is true today.  One of the big reasons people come to Jesus is because of their children.  If you want to reach parents with the Gospel, then make your children's ministry a top priority.

Here's a few ways I've seen God use little kids to make a big impact. 

I've seen God use little kids to reach their parents for Christ.  At one of the churches I served at we decided to build an indoor playground.  Before and after the service, parents could bring their children to the park.  As the children's ministry director, it was the main place I hung out after services.  It was a great place to meet parents and also find new volunteers.

I'll never forget walking into the park one Sunday and seeing a mother crying.  I walked over to see if she was okay.   I quickly found out her tears were happy tears.  She pointed over at one of the play areas and said, "Do you see that man and little girl?  That is my husband and daughter.  I have been praying and asking my husband to come with us to church for 7 years.  Each time, he said 'no'."

"My daughter loves playing on the playground after service.  This week she asked him if he would come to church with us and play with her in the playground after church.  My husband said 'yes' for the first time in 7 years.  I watched during the service and I could tell God was working in his life.  It's only a matter of time until he begins a relationship with Jesus!"

It's true.  A child does lead the way.  Especially if it's their parents that need to find the way.

Another time I saw God use little kids to make a big impact was at Easter.  One lady, who was a first-time guest, was asked how she came to church.  She shared that she is a school crossing guard.  One of the little kids she was at the corner with, waiting to cross, handed her an invite to Easter services.

I've also seen God use little kids to make a big impact on an entire church.  We were raising money for a new building.  One little boy had been excitedly waiting to go to Sea World for his birthday.  His parents had set the money aside and he was counting down the days.  But when he heard about the new building we were raising money to build, he decided to give the money it would have taken to go to Sea World, to the building project.  We shared his story with the church and God used it as a catalyst to raise the money needed for the new building.

I've seen kids make a big impact through outreach.  From mission trips with their parents, to local outreach events, kids can be used by God to spread the good news of the kingdom.  Each week, I would also challenge kids to bring their unchurched friends to church.  One boy brought over 26 guests with him in one day.  

And throughout Scripture, we see God using kids to make a big impact.  He used a little maid to bring healing to Namaan.  He used David to defeat Goliath.  He used Josiah to be a king.  He spoke to Samuel and used his life as an influencer.  Children lead the way in praising Jesus in the temple.  He used a boy with a lunch to feed thousands.

I challenge you to see the potential the children in your ministry have to make a big impact for God's kingdom.  Encourage them.  Cast vision for them.  Give them opportunities to serve.  And watch as God continues to use little kids to make a big impact.

Your turn.  The floor is yours.  How have you seen God use kids to make a big impact?  Share your stories and insight in the comment section below.