Top Reasons Families Go to Church (see where children's ministry ranks)

Why do today's families attend church?  A recent survey from Pew Research Center gives us an inside look.  

Here are the top reasons why adults choose a church to attend.

#1 - To become closer to God. (81%)

#2 - So their children will have a moral foundation. (69%)

#3 - To become a better person. (68%)

#4 - For comfort in times of trouble/sorrow. (66%)

Notice the second biggest reason people come to church.  For their children

I can't say it enough...If you want your church to grow, then make children's ministry a top priority. 

You can have a heavenly sounding choir, a great pastor who shares relevant messages, a coffee shop and friendly ushers.  But if a first-time family's kids don't have a good experience, they won't be back. 

Time and time again, I have seen God work through children to bring their entire family to Jesus. 

We must remember that the quickest way to connect with a parent, is through their children.  If you want to touch parents' hearts is by doing something nice for their children.  When you bless and impact a child, it opens their parents' heart to hear what you have to say.

Throughout the Gospels, we see people approach Jesus for one reason.  So He could minister to their children.

Churches that want to reach families and grow, must make children ministry a top priority. 

When a church makes children's ministry a priority, it is reflected in...

People.  They enlist great people to help serve and lead in children's ministry.

Program funding:  They make children's ministry a top priority in their budget allocations.

Profile:  The children's ministry is considered one of the high profile ministries in the church.

Personnel:  The church invests in hiring great personnel to lead the ministry.

God will bless and grow a church that makes children's ministry a priority.  When you welcome children, you are ushering in His blessings upon your ministry.

If you are reading this and you are a children's pastor / director, I want to encourage you to share these stats with your pastor and church leaders.

If you are reading this and have been wondering if your ministry to kids is important, the answer is "yes."  It matters a lot.  The ministry you are serving in, will determine the future of your church.  Churches must reach kids if they want to their ministry to continue to thrive in the years ahead. 

We've got a webinar that you can watch and share with your team.  You will be encouraged, equipped and empowered to see children's ministry become a top priority in your church.  You can get more info. and order it at this link for only $14.99

Every church needs a person who will be the champion for children's ministry.  Someone whom God uses to elevate the importance of children's ministry.  I believe you are that person.  You are the champion for children's ministry in  your church.  Don't pull back.  Lead with confidence.  Continue to invest in the most important ministry in your church.  

My prayer is that your church will be come known as "the place for kids in your city."  When that happens, you will see your church grow as kids bring their parents to church.