Kids Are Teaching the Bible to Their Parents

Many people who attend church are still Biblically illiterate.

Here are a few examples...

78% of Evangelicals say they believe in the Trinity, but 78% also agree that Jesus was in some way created by God the Father.

Jude 4 says Christians should be able to understand and defend their faith.

But only 45% of Christians read their Bible more than once a week.  And 20% say they never read the Bible at all.  When surveyed about the 10 Commandments, they say only 6 out of the 10 are important.

I have heard parents and teachers say this many, many times over the years.

"I think I got more out of the lesson than the kids did.  While preparing to teach it,  I learned a lot myself."

"As I was going through the take home paper with my child, I learned some things I didn't know as well."

The cool thing about this is the fact that we can teach and influence parents, by investing in their children.  When you connect with parents through their children, you are granted access to their heart.

This being true, it's vital that you have take home pages available, text messages to send, a Facebook presence, an Instagram account and other avenues you can use to share key truths from the lesson with parents.

If you want kids teaching their parents the Bible, another strategy is to provide questions for kids to ask their parents in your take home pages and digital content.  This gets the dialogue flowing both ways and is a huge win.

If you didn't get to read my article about why many parents can't disciple their own children, you can read it at this link.

So remember, when you influence kids,  you are also influencing their parents.  You can help disciple parents through their children.  How cool is that?