Toddlers and Tablets

My nephew is 2 years old and knows how to work his way around the iPhone and the iPad.

He is part of a generation that has never known anything else.  Immersing himself in technology is as natural as breathing for him. 

He's not alone.  In fact, his interaction with technology and the part it will play in his life as he grows up is the norm for today's kids. 

Childhood is definitely changing.  Even toddlers are able to make their own media choices.  In many cases, toddlers are more tech savvy than their grandparents.  Many of today's toddlers would choose a tablet over their favorite plastic toy or stuffed animal. 

YouTube is a fun destination for many toddlers.  They can find videos with Elmo, unboxing toy videos and games to play.  All things that capture their attention.

Many parents use tablets to keep their toddler occupied while they do work or engage in other responsibilities. 

Parents should monitor their child's online destinations to protect them from harmful content.  

Tablets are a good thing when used correctly and with guidelines.  They help kids get in touch with modern technology and keep par with other toddlers their age.

As Christ-followers, it's time we start spending more time creating good content for tablets than we do condemning the use of tablets by children in their early years.  We need developers to create content that will engage kids while teaching them God's Word. 

We often talk about bringing faith conversations into the home where parents can disciple and influence their children.  A good starting point is to do so through Biblical interactive games, puzzles, challenges and stories that are hosted on tablets.

Remember.  Our message never changes.  We stay anchored to the truth.  But that doesn't mean we don't use relevant methods and speak through the tech language of a digital generation.  The message stays the same, but methods must change to reach a digital generation.

And we can't afford to drag our feet on this.  The world is full steam ahead in connecting with children in their most formative years.  Brands are using tablets to get their advertising in front of toddlers and are seeking to establish lifelong brand loyalty. the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins.

Content developers.  Game creators.  App makers.  You can make an impact with your products.  Help us lead the charge by engaging children with great, Biblically-based tablet content.

Your turn.  Are there any games or apps for tablets that you recommend for reaching and discipling children?   

What content do you recommend for tablets to teach them how to follow and love Jesus?  

What content do you recommend parents use to disciple their children?  

Are you currently using tablets to help disciple children?

Share your thoughts, ideas and info. in the comment section below.