5 Keys to Seeing Gen Z Volunteer in Your Ministry

Gen Z.  They are ready to step up and make a difference for God's kingdom.

Sometimes churches are hesitant to allow kids and students to serve.  Perhaps you've heard some of these reasons.

They are too young. 

A distraction - you have to spend more time guiding them as you do the kids. Especially middle-schoolers.

They need to sit and listen to the lessons, sermons, etc. so they can grow in their faith.

They don't have the spiritual gifts needed for some roles.

They eat up all the volunteer food and don't save any of it for other volunteers.

Yes, it is a lot of work to invest the time and resources needed to involve Gen Z in serving.  But the return far outweighs what you invest in them.  Let look at 5 keys to seeing Gen Z volunteer in your ministry.

Key #1 - Offer to mentor them.  Remember...inviting someone to serve shouldn't be about what you want from them.  Rather it should be about what you want for them.  When you invite Gen Z to join your team, let them know how you or someone else on the team will invest in them and help them grow as a leader.

Key #2 - Let them serve with friends.  You'll find that usually Gen Z wants to serve alongside their friends, their small group, their schoolmates, etc.  They will often sign up to serve in a group with their friends.  Offer to let them serve in pairs with a minimum of 1 adult in the room with them.  

Key #3 - Work closely with your student ministry.  Your student ministry wants Gen Z to serve.  But they also have been charged with growing the youth ministry and they don't want to see students skip or drop out of student ministry to serve in children's ministry. 

Reassure the youth ministry leader that you will help monitor the students and make sure they stay tied into the student ministry.  One church I am familiar with has their students meet together on Sunday morning for their small group and then they go as a group and serve together in children's ministry.  It is working great for them. 

Key #4 - Set them up for success by giving them proper and adequate training.  One of the best ways is to do this hands on training.  Let them shadow one of your rock star volunteers that serves in the same area.

Key #5 - Hold them accountable.  When you meet with them, give them a list of expectations.  Things like being on time.  Being prepared.  Focusing on the kids rather than on each other.  Listening to the adult leader who is leading the room. 

Meet with the Gen Zer that wants to serve.  Go over the expectations.  Have the Gen Zer's parent(s) in the room for the meeting so they will know what is expected of their child.  Have the Gen Zer sign an agreement to abide by the guidelines.  Down the road, if they are not meeting the expectations you have put in place, you can sit down with the Gen Zer and go back over the agreement they signed.

Studies show that kids and students who serve have a far greater chance to stick with their faith and not leave the church.  Serving is important.  Very important, if we want to see Gen Z grow up and not walk away from the church. 

Older Gen Z kids have an incredible opportunity to impact and influence younger Gen Z kids.  They are just waiting for you to believe it and give them the opportunity to experience it.