Kids' Top 10 Favorite Kids' Apps

Today's kids are all about apps.  If you want to know what interests them and what they like, just look at the apps they use.  

I often say that it's important to stay knowledgeable about what kids are currently engaging in, because it will give you great insight and will provide you with talking points with the kids. 

I recall when I walked into a classroom to see a boy sitting in the back all by himself.  

The teacher in the room shared with me that the boy was having a bad day and wouldn't participate in any of the activities.  I said, "Let me see what I can do."  I went back and sat down beside him.  I tried talking to him but no response.  So then I tried entering his world to connect with him.  I asked what video game system he had at home.  

His eyes lit up and he shared with me that he had a Playstation game system.  We spent the next few minutes talking about our favorite Playstation games.  I then asked him again if he'd like to join in with his small group and he said "yes."  He went back into his small group and participated for the rest of the class.  

What made the difference?  It was because I entered his world.  When a child sees that you value him or her enough to enter their world, it opens their heart to receive your message.  You are a missionary to kids and what a great harvest God wants to bring through you.

That's the reason you want to know what kids' top 10 favorite apps are.  These will give you a talking point with kids you are trying to influence for God.

Current Favorite Apps for Kids  (ages 4 to 18)






YouTube Kids





This weekend, try using some of these apps as a talking point with a child.  You're sure to get their attention and interest when you do.