Want Your Church to Thrive? Hire This Person

Dear Pastor,

Do you want to see your church thrive? 

Want to reach young families? 

Want to bring fresh energy and excitement into your ministry?

Want to see your church grow? 

Then you need to hire someone to help you.  But not just anyone.

Who is it?  Who is the person that can help your church thrive? 

Worship pastor?  Important, but not as crucial as the person I am thinking about.

Youth ministry pastor?  This would make a difference, but it's not the person stats show is crucial to help your church thrive.

Executive pastor?  General church leadership is important, but it's not the vital role that can turn a church around.

Another ad. min.?  Ad. min's are helpful, but it's not why new families are going to show up.

If you want your church to thrive, then the person you should hire is a Children's Ministry Pastor / Director.  

This is why Children's Pastors / Directors are in such high demand.

My friend, William Vanderbloemen, who is the Founder and CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group says,  "Children's Pastors will pay for themselves through church growth."

One of the top reasons people pick a church is because it is focused on children.

It is true.  I've personally seen it happen time after time.  A church invests in hiring a Children's Pastor / Director and the church begins to grow.

In Las Vegas, I went to be the Children's Pastor / Director at a church that was reaching 8,000 people a weekend.  After completing a new children's area and putting some key ministry initiatives in place, we grew to 16,000 in 4 years. Another church I went to in Florida as the Children's Pastor / Director grew from 12,000 to 27,000 in 8 years.  Much of the growth came by reaching families through the children's ministry. 

Why is this?  Because the quickest way to an unchurched parent's heart is through their children.  If you do something nice for their children, you have their attention.  And that happens through the leadership of a Children's Pastor / Director.

Let me clarify a bit further.  When you hire a Children's Pastor / Director, look for one that has vision, excitement and fresh ideas.  They also need to be a good fit for your church culture. 

One of the best ways is to use a hiring expert like Vanderbloemen.  They have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right person for your ministry.  You can connect with them at this link.  I'm a partner with them, so tell them Dale sent you.

I also offer staff hiring consultations.  I can help you make sure they have what it takes to lead your children's ministry.  I know the right questions to ask and what to look for.  I have hired dozens of children's ministry staff.  I can interview your candidate over the phone / video call and provide you with a detailed, thorough report.  You can get more info. here.

I am reminded of the many times in Scripture, where parents came to Jesus for one reason...they needed help for their child.  And I believe the same thing is true today as well. 

People will come to Jesus through their children.  And it starts by hiring one or more key people to lead your children's ministry.