How to Be Heard at Your Church

As the children's ministry leader at your church, it's your responsibility to be the voice for the children's ministry.

But that can be frustrating when you aren't given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the children's ministry.

Whether your voice is not heard at all or is only
occasionally heard, here are some tips to amp up the volume for your children's ministry.

When you bear fruit, it amps up your voice.  You want to be heard?  Reach people for Christ. When church leadership begins to see kids and families are being reached through the ministry you lead, they will make more room for your voice to be heard.

When your voice is positive, it raises the volume.  Do you complain about what your ministry doesn't have?  Do you whine about the challenges you deal with?  If so, stop.  Stay positive.  Be optimistic.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't share what your ministry needs.  What it does mean is making the ask with a positive mindset.  Share how the increased help, finances, etc. can result in growth and more children and families being discipled.

Ask for your voice to be heard.  I think often the reason why a children's ministry isn't given the opportunity to be heard is because they simply don't ask to be heard. 

Make the ask.  Ask to share a children's ministry update during the service.  Have a "children's ministry day" where the entire church focuses on reaching and discipling the next generation.  Ask to share a message about the importance of reaching the next generation.

Ask for a spot in the church bulletin to highlight children's ministry.  Ask for announcements to be made about children's ministry.  Ask for pre-service slides about children's ministry to be on the pre-service slides rotation. 

Have your ducks in a row when you are invited to speak.  When you do get the opportunity to represent children's ministry at the leadership table, be prepared.  Know exactly what you are going to communicate and think through how you will answer questions that may be asked of you.

Speak with passion and you will be heard.  Passion catches people's attention.  Passion shows people there is deep meaning in what you are sharing.  It should cause your listener's heart to bear faster.

I've shared before the story of getting a new children's ministry area.  Here's how it went down.  We were growing by leaps and bounds in the children's ministry I led.  I begin sharing with the pastor and deacons about the great things God was doing in children's ministry.

I asked for a meeting with the Pastor and elders of our church.  When they walked the room, I was nervous to say the least.

But I had a binder prepared for each person that explained why we needed the new ministry space. I showed the current attendance patterns.  I shared with them the growth that would happen if we created the new ministry space.

One of the most influential deacons stood up and said he had to leave the meeting early.  He paused at the door when he was leaving and looked back at us.  My heart was beating 100 miles per hour.  What he said would carry the vote.  He said, "I believe in this vision and I think we should move forward with it."  The rest of the board agreed and the children's ministry project that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars was approved.

Your voice can be heard at your church.  Bear fruit.  Be positive.  Ask for opportunities to share.  Be prepared when you are asked to speak.

This is the time for your voice to be heard.