Movie Remakes...What Children's Ministry Can Learn From It

Have you noticed all the movie remakes lately?  Here are a few...

Beauty and the Beast

The Mummy


Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Planet of the Apes


The Lion King

Jungle Book


Pete's Dragon

King Kong

Mary Poppins


That's just a few of the remakes that have been or will be on the big screen soon.  Yes, the originals were awesome.  But the remakes introduce the stories to a new generation.  Which is important.  The remakes have amazing, cutting-edge graphics, animation, casts, etc. The remakes have updated music and the cast is made up of actors that are fresh, younger (depending on the role) and can connect with a new generation.

There are several lessons in this for children's ministry.

Leave the story line alone.  The Bible's story of the redemption of mankind hasn't changed, nor should it.  The Bible is very clear that Jesus is the one and only way to heaven.  That is a truth that we should never drift from.  It is the foundation and basis of our faith.

Update the presentation of the story line.  While the story of Jesus doesn't change, the way we present it to people must be kept up-to-date, fresh and exciting.

The movie remakes normally stay pretty close to the original script.  While at the same time incorporating up-to-date, cutting-edge graphics, music and the latest in equipment. 
While our story never changes, we must be willing to change the way we present the story so we can reach today's kids and families.
Take the stories of the Bible and look for ways you can bring updated elements into your presentations, lessons, talks, etc.

Here's an example:  You are teaching the kids about prayer.  Rather than using an old phone that you have to dial or is corded, use a newer iPhone or Galaxy.  Same lesson - we can talk to Jesus any time we'd like.  Different illustrations with the newer phone.

Be thankful for the past, but don't let the past dictate the future.  The old movies were great back in the day.  They worked for the audiences that came to watch them.  The technology we have today was not available back in the day to produce incredible scenes with CGI and other programs.

The remakes are enhanced because of the new and better ways that are available to make movies today.

The sad fact is many churches refuse to use the new tools and strategies that are available to the church today.  They are simply not willing to move out of their comfort zone.  The complacency of the past is just too comfortable to try something new.  And with that mindset, they eventually end up with a for sale sign on the front lawn.

Here are some questions to consider and talk about with your team.
  • Is there anything we need to remake?
  • Is our music up-to-date?  Does it sound like what today's kids hear on the radio?  (I am referring to the style of the music - not the words) 
  • When was the last time we tried something outside of our comfort zone?
  • What are some obstacles that are holding us back from remaking our ministry?  How can we overcome them?
It's exciting when a remake comes out, isn't it?  We rush to the theater to see it on opening day.  We talk with our friends about it.  We post about it on social media.

My prayer is we will get so excited about what God wants to do through a remake that we will go for it.  That we will step out of our comfort zone and into a new level of updated ministry.    

Thank God for the past.  But He is not done yet.  The best is yet to come for you and your ministry.