The Highest Paid Person on YouTube This Year Is...

Why do we only call kids the "church of tomorrow?" 

I get it.  We are preparing kids to lead when they are "grown up" one day.  It is true.  We are helping them lay a solid foundation that they can use to make a big impact in God's kingdom when they are grown up. 

But, at times, I think we sell kids short.  We talk about the impact they can make when they are grown up.  We talk about the leaders they will become.  

But the truth is, kids can make a big impact now.  If we'll just give them the opportunity to be the church of today.  When we empower them and release them to do ministry now, we'll be surprised at what God does through them. 

The world gives kids an opportunity to make a difference.  And kids are stepping up to the challenge.  A great example of this is YouTube.  They give kids (with their parent's supervision) the opportunity to use their talents.  And kids are stepping up to the challenge. 

Forbes recently released their list of top earners on YouTube.  Look who made the biggest waves this year.

#10 - Logan Paul earned $14.5 million

#9 - Pew Die Pie -  earned $15.5 million this year

#8 - Seán McLoughlin - earned $16 million this year

#7 - Evan Fong - earned $17 million this year

#6 - Markiplier - earned $17.5 million this year

#5 - Jeffree Star - earned $18 million this year

#4 - Daniel Middleton - earned $18.5 this year

#3 - Dude Perfect group - earned $20 million this year

#2 - Jake Paul - earned $21.5 million this year

#1 - Ryan toy's review - earned $22 million this year

Out of the top 10 earners, the #1 earner is a 7-year-old boy. 

There are 7-year-olds sitting in our churches who want to be the church of today.  But rather than being given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents, we tell them to "sit still and be quiet."  What if instead we said to them "stand up and make a difference?"  The world could be changed.

Think about the many ways you can empower and release kids in your ministry to serve and make an impact.  And then let them go for it.  You'll be amazed at what God does. He used children throughout the Bible in great ways and He wants to do the same today.