From the Small Details Emerges Excellence

I've been at Disney World for the last few days and as usual,  I was looking for ideas that can be transferred into children's ministry. 

One thing that stood out to me was the attention to detail.  Not just ordinary attention, but I saw excellence in how they approach details.  Here's an example.

We grabbed a burger for lunch.  When we got the burger, we immediately were reminded that it cost us as much as a car payment.  Just kidding, I exaggerated about the price, but it was rather expensive.

Speaking of the burger, in true Disney fashion, they added a small detail that set it apart from other burgers I've had in restaurants.  Look at this picture I took of the burger and you'll see why.  It's in the small details like this, that excellence emerges.  Disney has a culture that pays fantastic attention to details.  And out of that commitment has emerged a company that has a reputation for doing this with excellence.

Does this mean they are perfect?  No, of course not.  Excellence does not mean your business or ministry is perfect.  At Disney, I noticed some lights that had burned out and not been replaced.  I saw several places where the paint had flaked off and needed to be repainted.  But it does mean you are pursing excellence and doing your very best with what you've got.

Remember this from a parable Jesus told?  He said if you will be faithful with a little, He will entrust you with more.  All of those seemingly "little things" add up to represent the ministry with an image. It's an image of attention to details or not sweating the little details and hoping it turns out okay.

BTW, people are drawn to excellence.  It creates an atmosphere of excitement and great expectations.  Our goal should be to create such impactful ministries that people long to be a part of it.

So there you have it.  Attention to detail in even the smallest things.  Why?  Because from the small details emerges excellence. 

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