Mar 6, 2019

Slime Time at Church?

Slime first came on the scene in 1976.  It was produced by Mattel.  It's been a hit over the years with slime products surging in popularity again last year.

Kids love slime. It is one of the most popular toys ever produced.  I had several containers of it when I was a child.  It comes in several different colors with green being the most popular.

And my youngest son was picked to be "slimed" at a  Universal Studios show when we there one weekend.

Slime has gained a lot of popularity through TV events such as the Kid's Choice awards, where celebrities get "slimed."  It has also been used on several game shows on the Nickelodeon channel.

"Getting slimed" is when the slime is poured over your head.  This is a big reason why kids love the messiness and "grossness" of slime.

Many of us have used slime in our ministries with kids.  Often it has been used as a motivator or illustration.

"If we have this in attendance, you'll get to slime Mr. / Mrs. ______________."

"Everyone who attends this weekend will get a container of slime."

"Just like this slime is flexible, we should be flexible for God to use us."

Have you used slime in your ministry?  

What are some ways you have used slime?  

Do you think it's okay to have "slime time" as part of your programming?  

Do you make your own slime?  If so, what ingredients do you use?

We'd love to hear your feedback about slime.  Share with everyone in the comment section below.


Hi! Yes, we LOVE using slime at church! Actually, our curriculum did an entire series called "Slime Time" and it was one of our kids' favorites! (We use GO! Curriculum - super fun and creative.) We also had a contest to see which grade could invite the most friends to church and attached tiny pots of slime to fun invitations for them to hand out. The winning grade got to slime their leaders! It was a huge hit and kids are still talking about it!

That's awesome! If I was a kid and lived near your church, that's where I'd be on Sundays. Keep up the great ministry you are doing.

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