Do You Have This Book That's a Game Changer for Children's Ministry?

Recently, I was at Disney World and took along the book "If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry."

This book was written by Bruce Barry, Justyn Smith and myself. 

Thousands of churches have read the book and are implementing many of the insights shared in its pages.

The chapters include...
  • Cast Vision Like Disney
  • Construct Teams Like Disney
  • Change Like Disney
  • Culture Like Disney
  • Cool Environments Like Disney
  • Capture Kids' Attention Like Disney
  • Creativity  Like Disney
  • Connect with Families Like Disney 
  • Commitment to Excellence Like Disney
  • Customer Service Like Disney
This year over 73 million people will walk into a Disney Park.  The vast majority will be kids and their parents.  Disney knows how to connect with families.

And now you can discover the inside secrets that Disney uses to attract so many families.

Here's one example from the book.

For a large group time, most people put the youngest kids up front and the older kids in the back.  But is that the most effective way?  Look what Walt said about this.

“It was the first entertainment that Walt Disney had ever designed expressly for children.  ‘But we’re not going to talk down to the kids,’ he told his staff.  ‘Let’s aim for the twelve-year-old.  The younger ones will watch, because they’ll want to see what their older brothers and sisters are looking at.  And if the show is good enough, the teenagers will be interested, and adults, too’.”
Walt Disney

“I don’t believe in talking down to children...I like to kind of talk in a general way to the audience.  Children are always reaching.”
Walt Disney

From this we learn that we should put the oldest kids up front and the younger kids behind them.  Why?  Because the younger kids want to be like the "big kids."  As they see the older kids engaging with the lesson in front of them, they will follow and engage as well.  But if the older kids are in the back, they will look in front of them and see the little kids and think "This is babyish.  I'm too cool to join in with these little kids."  You see, cool runs downhill.

This is just one example of the game changing ideas you will glean from this book. 

We just received our 6th printing of the book and we'd like you to have a copy.

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There are hundreds of ideas, insights and examples waiting for you in this book.  Grab your copy today and start attracting families to your church.   You can get the book in paperback or as an ebook.  The discount applies to the ebook as well.  The ebook is only $8 during this promo. Enter code DB at check out.

Have you already read the book?  We'd love to hear any insights, ideas or take-a-ways you gained from reading it.  You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.