Do You Have This Big Element in Your Lessons?

Do you ever hear kids laughing when you are taking them through your lesson, service, class, etc?
Laughter is a big, important element in a lesson for kids.  When kids laugh, they are engaged.  When kids laugh, they are enjoying your class.  When kids laugh, you are holding their attention.
In Psalm 122, David said...

"I was GLAD when they said to me, let's go to the house of the Lord." 

Notice he didn't say "sad."  He said "glad."  Church should be a happy, fun place for kids to be.  Yes, there should be a segment in each lesson where kids enter a time of reflective worship and prayer.  The key is balancing the two elements.  Don't have an entire class where the kids must sit still and quiet.  And don't have an entire class where kids just laugh and never get serious.  It takes both. And when this happens, kids will love the lesson and experience spiritual growth. 

If you want to see kids laugh, then use some of the ways below.  Write them into your lessons.

Making animal noises.  Example...

You are talking about the animals coming on the ark.  You mention an animal that came on board such as a cow.  When you say "cow" you make a loud mooing noise.  Then ask the kids to turn to their neighbor and make a cow sound.  

Using silly voices.  Example...

You are talking about David and Goliath.  Make a loud, over the top, obnoxious sound for Goliath.  Then have the kids make up and share their "Goliath voice."

Sudden opera-style outbursts.  Example...You are reading the key verse for the lesson.  Pick a few select words you want to emphasize and suddenly sing them out in a loud, exaggerated voice.  Then have the kids say the verse and emphasize some of the words in a loud opera-style tone.

Make up nonsense words or phrases.  Insert these words into your lesson.  Example...

When Moses was leading the children of Israel through the Red Sea, the Israelites saw the famous, Gugendu-cray, scalely, big mouthed,  hornbill-cross-eyed, crooked finned, see saw fish. Then go back and correct yourself and ask the kids the names of some fish they know about.

Making deliberate mistakes. Example...Jesus did a miracle and feed the 5,000 with 5 pizzas and 2 small turkeys.  As the kids are laughing, have them share the correct answer to your mistake. 

The next time you teach a class, try some of these and make a mental note about how many laughs you got out of the kids.

When kids laugh, you know they are having fun.  And when kids enjoy your class, they will come back. 

Your turn.  How do you make kids laugh in your lesson or service?  Share your ideas with every one in the comment section below.