Dragging Kids Away From God's Plan

The transgender agenda is accelerating across the country.  There is now an all out push by the LGBTQ forces to influence children toward transgenderism.  To drag them away from God's plan for people.

I have not only read about this, but have also ministered to families with transgender children and I can tell you the push is substantial. 

Here's an example. In Oregon, a school district is being sued after a teacher kept asking one of her 8-year-old students if he was a girl inside.  The teacher gave him videos on transgenderism to watch as well as instructional books.  The child's parents found out when their son brought home one of the books.  The teacher got the books from a friend who is transgender.

And in California, a complaint has been filed against a teacher who had multiple conversations with a boy in her class about his gender identity.  The parents were not informed about what was happening.  His mother said her son feels different now, he feels confused.  The California guidelines even encourage kindergartners to “think about whether they might identify with another gender."
And don't just roll your eyes and say, "That's just liberal California for you."  The transgender agenda will be coming to your school in the days ahead and Christ-followers must be prepared.

In British Columbia, a judge issued a gag order against the parents of a 14-year-old girl who identifies as a boy.  The judge did this because the child's parents were referring to her with female pronouns. And the child's father was found guilty of "family violence" for stopping the child from starting injecions of male hormones.  The judge even forbade the father from calling his daughter a girl. 

In Ohio last year, a judge awarded custody of a transgender student to her grandparents rather than her parents, because her parents didn't support her transition.

It gets worse.  20 states have now enacted "SOGI" laws.  "SOGI" laws make transgenderism protected like race or religion.  The ultimate agenda is to make disagreement with the transgender agenda a crime.

Recenty the Hasbro toy company in Brazil started advertising dolls for boys.  The "Baby Alive" dolls commercials show boys playing with the dolls.  On a side note, these dolls for boys are not the masculine "G.I. Joe" characters that many boys in previous generations played with.  Here's a short advertising video for it.

Closely tied to the transgender agenda is the drag scene.  Drag has historically been a part of subculture gay bars and nightclubs.  Something kids would not have been exposed to.

But that changed when VH1 aired a reality competition show called "RuPaul's Drag Race." The show features transgender people dressed in drag clothes.  The show has been awarded Emmy's and has over a million weekly viewers.  

Many of the children who now identify as transgender and indulge in transgender cross-dressing, were first exposed to the lifestyle through this television show. They were "dragged" away from the plans God has ordered for us.

A recent Instagram post showed a 10-year-old boy named "Lactatia" posing next to a naked man who was the most recent winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race."  It is to the point where children are being sexualized.  You might go as far as saying it is child pornography.

ABC's show "Good Morning America" even featured "Desmond is Amazing."  This 11-year-old transgender child is being used to help bring mainstream drag for children. Here is the interview on the ABC morning show.

Yes.  It is true.  Kids are being "dragged" away from God's plan for the next generation.
The innocence of children is being pulled away by deviant forces that seek to sexualize children. 
So what can we do as Christ-followers?

Balance truth with love.  If Jesus were here on the earth today, He would be in the same place He was so many years ago.  Right in the middle of people who needed Him.  He would be teaching the truth about transgenderism, but it would come from a heart full of compassion and concern.  Now is not the time stand in front of your school with a sign that condemns transgender people to hell.

Rather, now is the time to show the love of Christ and share the Gospel with those who support transgenderism.

Does this mean we shouldn't take a stand and work to pass legislation against this?  No, we must be the voice of truth in our society and work within our judicial systems to protect our children from transgenderism. But we must make sure our voice is filled with compassion rather than condemnation.

Equip parents to teach their children about God's plan for gender.  God created "male" and female." Not a mixture of the two.  Provide parents with resources that will help them guide their children according to the Word of God.

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