20 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Ministry

Do you want to improve your ministry?  Here are 20 questions you can ask on a regular basis.  The answers you discover can help your ministry grow and move past obstacles that are currently standing in your way.  These are great questions to talk through as a team.

#1 - How do we follow up with guests?  How can we improve this?

#2 - What is our on boarding process for new volunteers?  Is it effective?

#3 - How are our ratios of volunteers to kids?

#4 - What percentage of our congregation are children?

#5 - What are we doing to stay connected to today's kid culture?

#6 - What safety and security safeguards do we have in place?

#7 - What are we doing to help our volunteers grow in their ministry skills?

#8 -  How can we encourage and motivate children to bring their unchurched friends?

#9 - How can we see more children become followers of Jesus?

#10 - What can we do to partner with parents better?

#11 - What tools can we place in parent's hands so they can better disciple their children?

#12 - What do we need to stop doing?

#13 - What program is tired and needs to be revitalized?

#14 - What is the one thing that is hindering us from going to the next level?

#15 - Are we seeing kids take steps of faith like salvation, baptism, serving, etc.?  How can we see more kids take these steps?

#16 - Are our volunteers excited about the ministry?  If not, how can we make the ministry a place where they love to serve?

#17 - Is our ministry a fun place for kids?  Do we hear the sounds of laughter and giggles in the hallways and classrooms?

#18 - What are we doing to reach kids and families outside the walls of our church?

#19 - Does the church have the perception that children's ministry is simply childcare?  How can we influence the church to see children's ministry as a priority and that it reaches people at the most critical time in their lives?

#20 - What have we not talked about that we need to talk about?

Once you've answered these questions, put together some action steps that will help you with implementation.