How to Become a Better Children's Ministry Leader

You've probably heard the saying "Everything rises and falls on leadership."  It's true. Everything does rise and fall on leadership...including children's ministry.

The bottom line is this - BETTER YOU = BETTER MINISTRY.

We often get so busy working on improving the ministry that we forget to work on improving our self.

Rick Warren said this...

"Growing organizations require growing leaders. The moment you stop growing your organization stops growing.” 

and this...

"Years ago, I stopped worrying about how to grow our church and instead focused on growing me.  As I grew me, our church grew."

So the big question is this - How can I grow as a children's ministry leader?  

That's why I developed the "Lead Well in Children's Ministry webinar."  It's a solid experience for cm leaders who want to get to the next level in their leadership."

I have brought together 3 children's ministry leaders who have proven they can build and lead amazing children's ministries.

I (Dale Hudson) have built and led some of the largest children's ministries in the nation.  In my latest children's ministry role, I saw God grow the church from 12,000 to 28,000 (weekend attendance) in just 8 years. We ministered to thousands of children each week.  And in one year, we saw 460 children (and dozens of their parents) follow Jesus in baptism.  I will be sharing "How to Lead Yourself Well" in my session.

Beth Cunningham is the children's pastor at Church of the Highlands.  She is an anointed leader who knows how to build incredible volunteer teams.  In just a few short years, the church has grown to an average of over 51,000 people attending each weekend.

Beth and her team are reaching kids by the thousands. She will be sharing how to lead volunteers well.  If anyone is qualified to teach this session, it's Beth.  You will not want to miss her session.

The third session will be led by Lori Bethran.  Lori is the children's pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston.  Lakewood is one of the largest churches in the nation.  Lori has built an amazing team that is reaching the next generation for Christ.  She will be sharing how to reach the next generation.

Here's an added bonus.  When you register for the webinar, you get a free copy of my newest book, "Lead Well in Children's Ministry."  Drawing from my 30 years of children's ministry experience, it contains over 300 pages of leadership principles and strategies that will take your leadership to a new level.  The book retails for $19, but is yours for free when you register for the conference (free shipping included).

One more added bonus for you.  If you are unable to attend the day of the webinar, you can still register and watch it on demand anytime you'd like.

I am excited about seeing God do a great work in your life through this training.  Space is limited.  Get signed up today.

You can become a better leader and see your ministry grow as a result.  You can get more info. and register at this link.  Look forward to seeing you there.