5 Reasons You Should Have Teens Serving in Your Ministry

Teenagers - in many churches they are the life blood of the children's ministry volunteers.

Teens should be serving in children's ministry. Here's 5 reasons why. 

Kids think they are cool.   Kids want to be like teens.  They look up to them and can't wait until they are "big kids" like teens.

An example is "High School Musical."  It was extremely popular with kids.  Why?  Because it featured high school students.  For many kids, high schoolers are someone they look up to, admire and want to be like.

You can be sure when kids think someone is "cool" they will listen to what they have to say.  Leverage this to see kids impacted by teens.

Since kids admire teens, it is natural that they will listen to them better than to an adult in many situations.

Teens have gifts and talents.  Teens have God-given spiritual gifts and talents. As you invest in them and help mentor them, you will see them flourish.  I have found that when teens lead worship, more kids engage in the song.  And of course, they know more about technology than adults do.  They can also be great small group leaders and preschool volunteers. 

Teens who serve stick with their faith.  Teens who serve are much more likely to continue following Jesus into adulthood.  There is something about serving that activates our faith.  We know the Bible says "faith without works is dead."  I think we can also say "faith with works is alive."

That's my story.  When I was in high school, all I cared about what sports, my car and girls.  My youth pastor asked me about serving.  At first,  I said "no."  But he kept asking me and finally I said, "okay, I'll give it a try."

When I begin serving it, totally changed my life.  It lit a fire inside me that still burns to this day.  There are teens just like me in your church.  Ask them to serve and watch God begin working in their life.

They are in touch with today's culture.  Teens know what is in and what is not in.  They know the music trends, the latest lingo, which technology apps are hot and the current clothing styles.  Ask them about these things and they'll give you some good answers you can use to connect with today's kids.

Teens bring energy and excitement.  If you've served with any teens, you know this is true.  And if you have some younger teens serving, you especially know this is true.

The important thing is to show them clearly defined expectations.  You can get 26 job descriptions for children's ministry roles at this link.   Sit down with the teen and his/her parents before they start serving and go over what will be expected of them.  Then have them sign a contract that they will abide by this.  This eliminates many of the potential behavioral issues you might have down the road. 

Just don't crush the energy and excitement they bring.  You need their youthful zeal. They can bring life and energy into your volunteer team.

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Your turn.  What percentage of your volunteers are students?  What are some tips or ideas you have to get more teens serving?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.