Gen Z Is Watching

Gen Z is the largest generational group in the U.S.  And they love to watch video content.

They are the generation that is spending the most time throughout the day watching mobile video.

In a survey, 81% of Gen Zers said putting on mobile video helps keep them entertained while they are doing other things.

Gen Zers are like their Millennial parents when it comes to watching video.  60% of their viewing time is in the evening.  But Gen Zers watch more video in the early morning while commuting or during breaks at school or work.

Four out of five Gen Zers say watching a short video is a good way to fill the gaps in their life.  Gen Z is addicted to constant entertainment.   

61% of Gen Zers say watching video content on a phone is as good as watching it on television.  This is compared to only 37% of millennials who saw no difference. 

39% of Gen Zers say they always prefer to watch videos on TV.  This is compared to 63% of millennials. 

40% of Gen Zers say a mobile device is their primary viewing platform for Netflix, compared to only 22% of millennials.  74% say they watch YouTube on their mobile device. 

These stats show that more than any other generation, Gen Z clearly relies heavily on their smartphones for entertainment.  And the entertainment is basically non-stop for them.  From the time they wake up until they go to sleep, they are engaging with their mobile device.

This shift toward the small, small screen being the primary source of video content is continuing to gain momentum.  It is estimated that watching content on a mobile device will grow by 3.7% this year.  

As children's ministry leaders, we must start creating more content that is designed for mobile devices.  How about a short discipleship video series?  How about the plan of salvation shared on an interactive, mobile video platform?  Kids could use this to share the Gospel with their friends.  An example is an app called "Share Your Faith."  It is very interactive and clearly explains the Gospel.  You can get it free in the app store by typing in the words "Share your faith."

There is also a great app for preschoolers and younger elementary kids called "Bible for Kids."  It is available for free in the app store.

Many of you reading this create short videos for your children's ministry.  Encourage kids to watch and share them during the week as well.  All you need is your phone camera and a YouTube channel to put your videos online.  And then promote it to the millennial parents to watch with their Gen Z kids.  

The possibilities are many.

I am praying that God will move upon many of you to effectively communicate with Gen Z and their parents by using mobile platforms.  We have fast approached a day and time when mobile Gospel content must be considered a critical component of every children's ministry. 

Gen Z is watching.  What can you provide them that will engage them at church and throughout the week? 

Do you have a favorite app or video platform that you use to share God's Word with Gen Z?   We'd love see it and help you promote it.  Share with us about it in the comment section below and we can connect.