Great Giving Idea for Kids and Families

Recently, I was speaking at a CEF training and they shared with me an idea they are using to encourage people to give financially.  What they are doing is a great idea and so wanted to pass it along to you.

Give each child (family) a container of MM's.  Here's the kind of MM container you want to pass out.  It will be an initial investment but you'll see the return it will bring.

You can show what the giving is going toward by printing it on a small label and then attaching the label to the container.

I love what they put for theirs.

As you fill this tube with quarters, all the way to the rim, will you pray for all the "mini's" we'll be reaching for Him. 

When you fill up the tube with quarters, it comes out to $14.00.

This can be used for Christmas offering, Easter offering, building projects, missions and more.

And the added blessing - everyone gets to eat the MM's before filling their container.