Sound Effects in Kid's Ministry

One of the ways you can be a great Bible teacher for kids is by engaging all of their senses. 

The more senses you engage, the more effective you will be. 

Today I'd like to talk about engaging kids with the sense of hearing.  When I refer to hearing, I am talking about going above and beyond kids hearing the sound of our voices. 

Obviously, an important part of the lesson is the kids hearing your voice.  But you can take your teaching ability to a whole new level if you are intentional about engaging their hearing in other creative ways.

Here are some ways you can do this.

Use sound effects.

Showing the kids a picture of a lion as you talk about Daniel being thrown in the den of lions?  Add the sound effect of lions roaring and growling.

Talking about Jesus walking on the water of a raging storm?  Add in the sound effect of a storm.

Sharing the Bible story of Noah being in the ark for 40 days and nghts?  Add the sound effect of rain into the mix.

You can also use your own voice to make sound effects.  The funnier the better.  An example would be the story of Peter denying Jesus.  Use your voice to make the rooster sound.  Do it quick and loud and kids will laugh. 

You can also get kids involved in making sound effects

Pick 2-3 kids to come up and as you read part of the Bible lesson...have the kids make the assigned sound effects.   An example would be David and Goliath.  One of kids can make the sound of the slingshot going around and around.  Another can make the sound effect of Goliath walking.  Another can make the sound effect of the rock flying through the air and hitting Goliath.   You get the point.

You can involve the entire group of kids in making sound effects.  If you're sharing the story of Jesus walking on the water.  You can assign the kids to make the sound effect when you're at that part of the story.  An example would be assigning some kids to be the wind, some to be the rain, some to be the thunder, some to be the waves crashing, etc.  Doing this will get the whole group of kids involved and will capture their attention.

When you use sound effects in your lesson, you will see kids engaging and remembering what you shared.