An Inside Look at a Really Cool Children's Area

This past weekend, I spoke at a CEF training event in the Atlanta area.

The event was held at North Metro Church.  I was really impressed by the fun environments they have created for kids.

The space where your children's ministry meets matters.  I often say...

"A great children's ministry environment will make a children's ministry seem a lot better than it really is.  And an outdated, old children's ministry space will make a children's ministry seem worse than it really is."

And a cool children's space sends a loud and clear message to parents and first-time guests.  It says "this church cares about children and invests in them in a significant way."  So which message are you currently conveying to parents?

Here are some pictures of the children's area at North Metro Church.  As you see them, my prayer is it will inspire you to pour your time and treasure into creating great children's ministry spaces at your church.  Even if it just means painting the area in kid-friendly colors.