Top Kids' Entertainment Channels

Want to know what today's kids like when it comes to entertainment? 

A recent report from the agency Brand Love shares their findings. 

YouTube has the top spot.  No other brand is as powerful with kids.  It is the top brand among 6-to-12-year-olds.  92% of kids tune into the channel on a regular basis. 

YouTube also ranks well among parents.  This is an important factor since parents are hesitant to let their children log onto sites that might be harmful for them.  

Let's take a look at some of the other top entertainent choices among children.

1. YouTube

2. Netflix

3. Nickelodeon

4. Disney Channel

5. YouTube Kids

6.* Disney+

7.  Nicktoons

8. Cartoon Network

9. Prime Video

10. Hulu

11. Disney XD

12. PBS Kids

13. Boomerang

14. Freeform

15. Discovery Family

16. Universal Kids

17. Food Network

18.  ESPN

Disney+  is a new streaming network that's coming soon - 80% of kids say they will tune in.

Some of the long established networks are losing ground. Nickelodeon channel declined by 28 ranking points.  Disney channel declined by 38 ranking points.  Cartoon Network experienced a 55-point decline and Universal Kids dropped 106 points in the rankings. 

The traditional entertainment model of watching shows at a set time is fast changing.  Streaming and on demand is the choice for today's kids.  This has implications in the world of children's ministry. 

Perhaps the "church world" should be creating content that can be accessed on demand for when families can't make it to a regular church service.  The church could also put parenting tips and lessons for the parents in their ministry. 

When it comes to video games, Roblox is fast becoming a favorite among today's kids.  Fortnite is also a very popular brand among kids.  

Technology and entertainment methods offer the church so many opportunities to reach and disciple today's kids and their families. 

What will you invent or create to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation? 

How can you connect the truth of God's Word to kids' every day lives through entertaining methods?