LGBTQ - Brainwashing the Next Generation

LGBTQ forces are pushing to make sure the next generation not only approves, but also celebrates their lifestyle.

Here are some examples...

The percentage of LGBTQ characters on prime-time TV this year has reached an all-time high of 10.2%, or 90 out of a total of 879 characters.  That topped last year’s record of 8.8% and achieved the 10% goal that GLAAD had set for the networks by 2020.

And am I the only one who has noticed that there are more and more LGBTQ characters in commercials as well?  It is subtlety added in by companies who are trying to make sure they are "politically correct."

GLAAD is upping the stakes for the future. It’s asking the industry to reach 20% representation of LGBTQ regularly seen characters on prime-time scripted broadcast series by 2025.

Planned Parenthood of Washington is hosting an “all ages, all genders” sex workshop featuring “clitoris and pleasure education” and erotic pole dancing. The Planned Parenthood advertisement specifically says that children are invited.

And then there is this video example of trying to brainwash kids into accepting the LGBTQ agenda.  It is heartbreaking to see what they are teaching the next generation.

So what can we do as children's ministries to help the next generation see the truth about these matters and help them walk in God's plans and purposes?

We must equip parents.  The greatest influence on the next generation is still their parents.  We must make parents aware of what is happening, so they can influence their children toward a world view that reflects the principles God has given us to live by.

Many parents are hesitant to have conversations about sex and the LGBTQ agenda with their kids.  Show them they cannot afford to be hesitant.  The LGBTQ agenda pushers are certainly not hesitating.  Of course, be age appropriate, but be intentional about starting and having these conversations now.  The goal must be to give kids the right answers and knowledge when it comes to these matters.  This will enable the next generation to walk in and live out the truth in a world that is trying to pull them the opposite direction.

We must pray for the next generation to walk in God's truth.  We must pray that their heart will be captured by God's grace.  

There is a real battle going on for the heart of the next generation.  It is a spiritual battle.  When we pray, we invite God to move in this unseen battle and help the next generation to not be overcome by an agenda that goes against God's plan for sexuality and relationships.

Do you know how bank tellers are trained to recognize counterfeit money?  They get them used to the feel and texture of real money.  Once they get this, then they can spot counterfeit money.  Knowing the real thing helps them recognize counterfeits.

As parents help their children see what a God-ordained and blessed marriage looks like, the next generation will be able to spot the counterfeits being pushed their way.

We must help the next generation to see the blessings that come from walking in God's plans.  God created sex.  It is a good thing when you follow God's plan for it - a man...a woman...married for life.   Everything else is a counterfeit that eventually will cause heartache, sorrow and regrets.

We must help the next generation see that doing things God's way leads to joy, fulfillment and blessings.  Everything else is a counterfeit.