Celine Dion Promotes Clothing Line for Kids That Pushes Gender Neutral Agenda

I am a fan of Celine.  She has an incredible voice to say the least.  Her song "The Prayer" has helped countless numbers of people when they were hurting in the rough parts of life. 

But recently, she partnered with a children's clothing line that promotes and influences kids toward the gender neutral agenda.

Don't believe me?  Watch this video and you'll see the sad truth about this.

The promotion of gender neutral and transgender clothing (and lifestyle) for kids has accelerated in recent years.  As church leaders, parents and followers of Christ, we must help our children walk in God's truth.

Today's kids are facing things we never faced as kids.  It is crucial that we help them see through the falsities of the culture and equip them with the Biblical discernment they will need to follow Christ as they are grow up.

Here's the video.  For those who are reading this in an email, you can see the video at this link.