2020 Can Be Your Best Ministry Year Ever

Time to close the books on 2019.  2020 is suddenly here and brings to you the opportunity to have your best ministry year ever.

Here are some things to remember in 2020 that will take you to a new level of leadership and ministry.

Take a deep breath and make yourself available to God. He'll take you to places you never thought you'd get to.

Growth and change may be hard, but nothing is as hard as staying stuck where you don’t belong.

Tradition doesn't like disruption. Shaking up what has been in place for years takes wisdom and guts.

Clinging to the past? Your ministry won't last.

It's not always about the best happening to you. Rather it's about making the best of what happened to you.

You don't make yourself bigger by trying to make others smaller.  
Someday you will understand the why. For now, keep trusting God and moving forward.

Start today. If you wait until you're 100% ready, you'll never begin.

True success comes from helping others succeed.

Stop waiting for someone to tell you how important you are. Jesus showed how important you are on the cross.

Serve not for the applause, but rather for the cause.

God can take the shattered pieces of your life and construct a masterpiece.

Change and the discomfort that comes with it is the doorway to your next success.

Your dream without action will one day be your biggest regret. Take a step today and start the process of turning it into reality.

You can't go forward if you keep going back to your past.

Don't waste your energy fighting against where you are. Spend your energy getting to where you want to go.

There is a lesson in the let-downs if you look.

You never get bigger by making other people smaller.

Loosen your grip on what's behind you, so you can grasp what's before you.

God's going to write a great story in your life in 2020!   

Praying and believing that God will show Himself strong through your life and ministry in 2020!  Let the adventure begin!