Creative Children's Ministry

I often hear children's ministry directors say, "I'm not very creative."  And I tell them, "Hang on.  Yes, you are creative.  You just need to tap into some creative processes and get some people around you.  Then you'll be surprised what you can create."

Creativity is all about finding fresh and innovate ideas that will enhance your ministry.  

Anyone can be creative as long as they have the right mindset.   Here are some statements that can help you tap into your creativity.

The most creative person in the room is the room.

Always brainstorm with a group instead of solo.

Have the mentality that no idea is a bad idea.

Don't get personalities involved.  When you share an idea it becomes an idea for everyone.  Detach yourself from the idea as soon as you are done sharing it.

Stay positive.  Avoid statements like "we can't" or "we don't."

Let every idea be a group idea.  When you have an idea share it with the team for review before you move on it. 

Invite people outside your circle to come and brainstorm with you for ideas.  Occasionally, invite the student pastor to sit in and contribute.  Or the worship pastor.  Or the women's ministry leader.

Don't be afraid of the changes that come from creativity.

Don't feel like you have to implement creative ideas immediately.  There are some ideas that will need to be incubated for awhile.  Don't rush the process.

Be open to all ideas.  No idea is a bad idea.

Listen to everyone's ideas with respect.  If a person gets shut down or embarrassed during the process, they will stop sharing ideas to preserve their self-esteem.  Don't let that happen.  Make brainstorming sessions a safe place where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas.

Don't be your biggest critic.  Don't hide your creative ability!   You'll be surprised how creative you are, if you will just give yourself a chance!