How to Raise a Child Who is Generous

I believe if we can teach children to be generous, then they can experience God's blessings as they obey Him.

I'll never was right after an earthquake hit Haiti.  We found out there was a need for children's shoes for the children in Haiti.

We put out a collection box where people could donate shoes for the kids there.

One Sunday, I watched as a girl walked up and saw the sign.  She stood there and pondered for a minute or so.  Then I saw her look at her mother.  Her mother nodded with approval. 

The girl reached down and took off her shoes.  They were expensive "Sunday church shoes."  She placed her shoes in the container and left barefooted. 

I remember another time when I saw an example of a child being generous.  We were in the middle of raising money to build a new children's building.  One of the 3rd grade boys in our ministry saw the need and decided he wanted to be generous.  He and his family had been saving up money for months for a birthday trip for him to Orlando. 

He asked his parents if they, instead of going on the trip, could donate the money ($1,500) to the new children's building.  He gave the money and God used it to inspire the entire church to be generous.  The money was raised and the building became a reality.

Explain to kids that generosity can be a way of life.  Help kids understand that generosity is not always about money.  You can be generous with your time.  You can be generous with your talents.  And sometimes generosity is shown in the little things like opening the door for a senior adult.  Helping your brother finish up his chores.  Helping mom put the dishes away when you could be playing video games.

Set the example.  The best way to show kids what generosity means is leading by example.  Be a tither.  Give to special offerings.  Support missionaries.  Help others who are in need with food.  Take time to invest in other people.  Your kids will never forget seeing you being generous.

Teach lessons about generosity.   Teach a series about giving.  Give kids a Biblical basis for generosity.  Here are a couple of series that I developed that teach kids to be generous.

Money Talks is a 4-week series that gives kids a foundation for a lifetime of generosity.  This series is also great if your church is doing an adult series on stewardship such as Financial Peace University.  Kids learn...
  • Week 1 - Money Talks About Owning
  • Week 2 - Money Talks About Tithing
  • Week 3 - Money Talks About Sharing
  • Week 4 - Money Talks About Planning

Here is a video sample.

The other series is called "Kid Bank President."  In this 4 week series, the Kid Bank President teaches kids how to manage their money with God's wisdom and plans.  This is a great series to use when your church is doing a giving series. Lessons include...

Week 1 - Tithing Account
Week 2 - Saving Account
Week 3 - Spending Account
Week 4 - Investing Account

Here is a video sample.