Multi-Site Children's Ministry Webinar

Hey friends.  Wanted to let you know about a great opportunity that is coming.  It's the "Multi-Site Children's Ministry Live Webinar."

This webinar is for churches that are already multi-site and for churches that are thinking about going multi-site.  Either way, this webinar will put you way ahead of where you need to be.

It's happening on Wednesday, July 22.  Joining me will be 2 of the top multi-site leaders in the nation. 

Kim Botto is the leader of the children and student ministry at Crossroads Church in the Cincinnati area. Her church has exploded with growth through mult-site ministry.  They have 12 campuses and minster to thousands of kids.  Kim will be sharing the keys to building a multi-site volunteer team.

Justin Edge is the cm leader at Life Church where Craig Croeschel is the pastor.  Justin is one of the leading voices in multi-site children's ministry.  Their church currently has 35 campuses.  Justin will be talking about the keys to leading a thriving multi-site ministry.

I''ll also be sharing about "How to Get Everyone On the Same Page."  One of the most crucial elements in building a multi-site ministry is unity.  One vision.  One mission.  I'll share practical steps I have taken in over 19 years of multi-site ministry to get campuses excited about working together. 

Register today at and save your spot.  The cost is only $19.99 and includes a special gift worth $12.99.  Watch the video below for more info. and see what the special gift is. 

p.s. If you register and can't make the live webinar, it will be available for streaming and downloading after the event is over for those who register.