The Power of a Common Vision

ESPN recently produced a 10 part documentary about the career of Michael Jordan.  It was very interesting to watch. 

One thing was very clear about Micheal and the Bulls.  They were laser focused on winning an NBA championship.  This resulted in the team winning 6 titles.  

I am reminded of this quote from Michael Jordan.

"Great players win games, great teams win championships."

When you get your team aligned and focused on a common vision, you can dominate.  Let's look at a few tips on how to do that.

Make sure everyone knows what the vision is.  It's hard to align behind a common vision when you don't even know what the vision is. 

So, the starting point is creating a common vision.  Keep the vision short (one or two sentences at the most).  Make the vision laser-focused.  Say it every time you meet.  Put it in writing on all your communication pieces.  Repeat it.  Repeat it.  Repeat it.  Repeat it.  Repeat it.  Repeat it.  Repeat it.

Want to know if your team knows what your vision statement is?  It's easy, just ask them.  Fulfilling the vision should be part of their DNA.

Everything you do should be a step toward fulfilling the vision. 

Your ministry calendar should reflect this. 

Your event schedule should reflect this.

You budget should reflect this. 

Your team should reflect this. 

Your programs should reflect this.

When team members get to the point where they have memorized the vision statement, are committed to it and are living it out, you will be positioned to make a big impact. 

I'd love to see your vision statement.  Share it with us in the comment section below.