Kids' Worship Album Winner Announced

Last week, we announced the release of a brand new worship album for kids. 

The album is called 12 because it contains 12 new, original songs that will help kids grow in their faith.

We had a drawing to give away an album to celebrate the release.  

The winner of the album is Julissa Lopez.  Julissa is the Children's Ministry Director at ICC Church in Staten Island, New York.  Congrats Julissa! 

I am really pumped about this worship album.  The songs were written and produced by an amazing artist named Travis August. 

Each song was written as part of an intentional discipleship pathway that takes kids on a journey from salvation to spiritual leadership.  It corresponds with our Connect12 curriculum.  

Each song has a really cool lyrics video that can be used for live worship.  If you'd like to see a few samples of the songs, you can do so below.   Audio and lyrics have lead vocals and no vocals so you can use the songs in worship with your voice or the voice of Travis.  

You can get all 12 songs for only $39.00.  This is an incredible deal.  Most songs with a worship video sell for $12 to $15 each.  

You can preview the album and get more ordering information at this link.

The songs are all written with today's kids in mind and the words get stuck in your head which means it lodges in kids' long term memory. 

Below are some of the song samples.