10 Things to Remember When You're the Leader

You've moved into a new role. 

You have more leadership authority and you have the opportunity to lead others in completely new ways.

What you say carries more importance, and those you lead look to you for answers, not just ideas.

What should you do in this new role and the power that comes with it?  

You might be tempted to make radical changes immediately and order the people on your team to do what you assign them. 

But hang on.  Without wisdom, you may make some decisions that will cause your team to not respect you or want to cooperate with you. 

As you lead, keep these 10 principles in mind.

1.  People don't follow a title.  They follow someone they love and respect.  Leading by "title" is the least effective way to lead.  

2.  Ask more questions than you give answers.  Good leaders give their advice.  Great leaders know how to ask the right questions, which leads to finding the best answer. 

3. Get some change in your pocket.  This happens when you earn peoples' respect by leading with integrity and getting some wins.  Getting "change in your pocket" makes it much easier to ask for needs you see in the ministry.  But it does take some time.

4.  Be positive. Leaders should maintain a positive attitude, even in the face of hardship. Leaders are role models for their employees. Demonstrating positivity and joy at work will motivate employees to do the same.

5. You must be the thermostat instead of the thermometer.  The difference?  A thermostat controls the temperature rather than measuring the temperature like a thermometer.  You are responsible for the spiritual temperature of the ministry.

6.  Practice the law of the few.  Love everyone on your team equally.  But invest in people selectively. Pour your time into 2-3 people who you can mentor and help advance in their leadership skills.

7.  Know your key leaders.  Know the name of their spouse.  Know the names of their kids.  Keep track of their birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate with them. 

8.  Discipline.  Work hard and use your time effectively and efficiently.  Your team is more likely to demonstrate discipline when their leader is dedicated and focused on the team goals.

9.  Own your mistakes.  When you blow it, take responsibility for it.  When something goes awry on your team, accept responsibility as the leader.  

10.  Be courageous.  Be willing to take a stand when needed.  Be courageous enough to make the hard calls.  Be courageous enough to stand up for the truths found in God's Word.  Don't be swayed by the skeptics and naysayers. 

What are some other things leaders need to remember?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.