How to Take Your Guest Experience to the Next Level

Our goal should be to give guests a great first experience when they come to our church.  If you provide this, you will see your ministry grow.

But consistently giving guests a great first experience can be challenging.  There are five key areas you should focus on if you want to take your guest services to the next level. 

G - greeters

U - understanding

E - empathy

S - smile

T - training

Let's talk about these.


Your greeters are usually the first person that guests encounter.  Make sure you have happy people in these roles.  Their attitude about guests will make or break the experience. It is also important to have greeters that the guests can relate to.  Enlist young couples and people with children to serve in these roles.


Train your volunteers to understand the importance of making new families feel welcome and accepted. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and they are a big part of this. 

The guest experience goes way beyond the front door.  Their experience is the sum total of all their interactions with your team members.

While no one owns the guest, they do own the moment they are with the guest. Make it an exceptional one. 

It is also important to make sure they understand what their job description is and how they can win in the role.


It is essential that you train your team to see things from the guests' point of view.  They don't know where to go.  They don't know where to sign in.  They don't know how your safety and security process works. They don't know where to pick up their child.

We forget what it's like to be a guest at a church.  We assume that because we know our way around, that everyone else should be able to do the same.  Don't assume the signs you have put up will be enough information for them.  They need a person that will walk with them and make them feel loved and welcomed.  Someone who remembers what it is like to visit a new church and has empathy for what guests are experiencing.


Be friendly.  A smile is one of the most important things your team can do.  A smile says "We are glad you are here.  We are here to serve you and make you feel at home." 

I once had a first-time guest tell me that the person at the classroom door never smiled at them.  That is what they remembered from the visit.  Remember, people will remember how you made them feel.  Replace the frown with a smile.


Train your team how to respond and what to do with questions and situations they will encounter.

"What do I do when a parent has lost their pick-up tag?"

"Do we allow siblings to stay together on their first visit?"

"Will you contact me if my child starts crying?"

"Where do I come to pick-up my child after the service?"

"Where is the student ministry building?"

These are just a few of the questions you should train your guest service team to be able to answer. 

Do these things well and you will see your guest experience go to a new level of excellence.